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Drain & Wash / Water Recovery Swimming Pool Openings


  • Remove and Store Winter Pool Cover
  • Rinse off pool deck and clean around pool equipment
  • Drain & Clean Pool and sanitize all exposed pool surfaces
  • Reinstall handrails, ladders, pool fittings and other pool related equipment
  • Start water fill


  • Remove and store Winter Cover
  • Rinse off pool deck and clean around pool equipment
  • Power Vacuum pool of major debris
  • Re-install handrails, ladders, pool fittings and other pool related equipment
  • Get equipment ready for start up (In most cases it can be started the next day)
  • Shock pool and treat with start up chemicals


  • Skim incidental amounts of leaves and debris from pool (Not Vacuumed)
  • Backwash Sand or DE Filters – Any Filters chemically cleaned for additional charge
  • Pump pool to safe level for winter
  • Winterize lights, skimmers, freezable pipes, heater and pump(s)
  • Remove any deck equipment and ready for storage
  • Cover pool with provided cover
  • Secure equipment pad for winter


Certified By The State Of Illinois To Work On:

  • Hotels
  • Home Owner Associations
  • Apartments
  • Public Pools


A pool in the mid-west requires attention on a regular base. The water chemistry can change daily,
depending on the weather and usage. Especially in the spring and fall while cottonwood, seedlings
and debris are falling. This kind of debris creates a huge chlorine demand and stains the filtration
system. Baskets and filters need to be check and cleaned regularly.

Whether you take care of the pool yourself or have a professional do it, a pool can change in hours if a problem is not addressed right away.

A pool that is not balanced and working properly is unsafe for those using it.
It’s important to know and understand how your pool is being used and know the environment around your pool, and how it affects your pool. Every pool has its own personality. It needs to be learned and understood.


    • Vacuum, Skim and Brush Surfaces (Must Be on Full Service Plan for Vacuuming)
    • Clean all baskets
      • Pump & Skimmer(s)
    • Check filter pressure
      • Backwash Filter – Sand or DE

Change out Filter Elements as Needed (Customer must provide)

  • Water Analysis – To Include
    • Free & Total Chlorine – pH – Alkalinity – Calcium Hardness – Cyanuric
    • Salt Level (If on Salt System)
  • Test operation of all pool equipment
  • Fill chemical feeder(s)
  • Clean tile line


  • Chemicals
  • Heaters
  • Pumps
  • Pool Cleaners
  • Auto Covers
  • Mesh Safety Covers
  • Liners
  • Control Systems
  • Salt Systems
  • Filters
  • Filter Media (Elements, DE, Sand)
  • Pool Lighting (Standard or LED)


We Service everything we sell

Special Financing available for larger pool projects for customers with excellent & substantial credit

Pool Renovation Work

      • Plaster Resurfacing – Are your feet and hands getting cut up due to the roughness of your pool surface, or maybe the chemicals are not working as well as they use too – It might be time to get the pool resurfaced. Whether it’s standard plaster or Diamond Brite, we can help make your pool FEEL new again.
      • Re-tile Work – Tiles falling off, chipped, cracked or just out dated – Give your pool a new updated look.
      • Vinyl Liner Replacement – A Liner life here in the Mid-West has and average life of approximately 8-12 years. Is your liner faded, wrinkled or torn – Make that pool look like new again
      • Skimmer Replacement – Replace cracked and leaking skimmers
      • Concrete Deck Removal & Replacement – Sinking and cracked decks or maybe just a new look like stamped concrete? We can give you a deck that will make your backyard and pool look great again
      • Pool Line Replacement – Skimmer lines, return lines or main drain lines, get them repaired or replaced and make the pool work the way it was designed to. Maybe add a fresh auto fill to the pool and take the worry out of having to fill the pool, or forgetting to turn the water off and overfilling the pool.
      • Pool Painting – Need fresh paint or maybe a color change? We can repaint or sandblast off the old and give you a fresh new look to your pool.
      • Water Features – Add some excitement to your backyard. Make it fun to see as it is to use. It’s only as far as your imagination.
      • Coping Replacement – Keep the edge of your pool safe and looking good. It’s a main part of your pool and should be kept in good condition.
      • Smoothing of rough surfaces – If resurfacing is not quite time but the surface is tearing up your family’s hands and feet, maybe a quick polish and smoothing out can buy you some time until you are ready to put that new surface on.


      • Auto Covers
      • Cover Cleanings
      • Annual Cover Tune Ups


  • Standard Mesh
  • Heavy Duty Mesh
  • Solid


  • Swimming Pool Inspections
  • Leak Detection

    Leak Detection

    Leak Detection

  • Deck / Surface Power Washing
  • Heater Cleanings
  • Pool School
  • Filter Cleanings / Sand Changes

We are here to help you whether your a new pool owner or have been for years. We have been servicing this area for 30 years and would like the opportunity to be your swimming pool provider

“Professional Service By People Who Care”